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10 Consistent Makeup tricks

10 Consistent Makeup tricks

  1. Start fresh

So you just washed your face, exfoliated it and moisturized. Now what? You need to make sure that there is no time gap in between these steps because they all work together for the best skin possible!

When warm water hits your pores on a clean surface, this helps open them up so that when cream or oil enters into the mix, not only does it fill anything stripped of moisture by makeup remover but also travels well down into any cracks left behind from dry patches. After an application of serum has been rubbed deeply onto various zones around the forehead where wrinkles are most likely to form first - another layer will help soften those lines before concealer sets things back to rights with more long-lasting coverage than ever before thanks to today.

  1. Do eye makeup before your face

In the busy morning rush, it's often hard to find time for makeup. But with these tips you can look flawless and put together even without any prep-time! Start by using a primer or cream eye shadow base as this will keep your eyeshadow fresh and smooth all day long. Then use concealer on problem areas like under-eye circles before applying foundation so that they don't show through later in the day (or night). To really set everything into place choose an inexpensive setting powder; avoid high end brands because their "miracle" powders usually have glitter which is not appropriate for everyday wear.

  1. Brown or black gel-pencil liner add power to your eyes

The best way to get the perfect, defined eyes is with these waterproof liners. Pigmented than typical kohl pencils and less messy than brush-on gels, they are more flattering for a natural look that will last all day long! Rest your elbow on a table or desk to steady yourself as you use them in small back and forth movements along the base of your upper lid in front of the mirror. Start at the rim of your eye and work ever inward, tapering off three-quarters into it. Get close to lash roots as possible for a more even distribution. The strong pigment is what creates a bold border that will last throughout the day! Reinforce eyeliner by "tight-lining" (drawing on shadow underneath) in between upper lashes so they look thicker than usual and highlight their shape with lighter colors onto brow bone area under eyes. One of the most common makeup mistakes that people make is using too much liner on their bottom lid. For a dramatic effect, line your lower lashes instead and use an extremely light touch for lining beneath your eyes to avoid looking like you've been up all night rubbing them closed!

  1. Splurge on a curler, but save on black mascara 

A quality curler won’t pinch, crimp or break thin, dry lashes and can last for years. It's all in the shape of it! Positioning the open curler close to your base at the lash line will make sure that you don't end up pinching any hairs while using this tool - no need to worry about those fragile eyelashes getting damaged by a bad curl due to improper usage with this handy device. Make sure not to go too far past your natural hairline when placing it on as well so that you're able get an even amount of lift from each eye outward ensuring both sides are evenly curled without missing spots like some people do if they use their fingers instead (hint: ask someone else!). With a few zigzag wiggles, your lashes will be thick and voluminous.

Lashes without mascara look so boring! A couple of quick zigzags with the wand is all it takes to have long luscious eyelashes that pop out at you from across the room

  1. Neutral shadow tones to accent your eyes

The best eye makeup for your eyes will always be the perfect color. Dark-eyed woman should go with warm tones, while light-eyed woman can experiment more and wear cool shades! You’ll never look better than when you match hues to your natural beauty.

You have probably heard of the saying "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS!" Well that's exactly what this article is about. The perfect eyeshadow should enhance your beautiful natural eye color and make it pop! You may be feeling a little tired or just not really happy-go-lucky today but using some colors in an expert way will give back to you what life has taken away from you.

A light color on top eyelid like ivory white will add sparkles which are enough for any event; medium shades for creases work well too as they remove fleshy overhang making eyes appear larger while adding depth at the same time; whereas dark colors serve best when paired together with gel liner.

  1. Do your eyebrows

You might think that the importance of your eyebrows has been overstated - until you look in a mirror and see how much they change your face. Most people believe their brows are unchangeable, but there's still plenty you can do to make them better! One way is by filling out sparse areas with powder which will cling onto pencil strokes as well. Then if necessary, brush on more color using an old mascara wand or spiral makeup brush for even coverage without going overboard (it'll be easier than trying to fix mistakes).  Half-brows have never looked so good!

  1. Go for the glow, not coverage

Think of makeup as a tool to express your inner radiance, not hide it. The first step is choosing the right color — go one shade warmer or more golden instead of a perfect match for an incandescent glow on skin with sallow and pasty undertones. Next, choose foundation that has light-reflecting technology like swallowing up sunlight in summer (or any other time you need some extra illumination).

Last, choose a dewy and sheer but highly pigmented grownup foundation that will highlight your natural beauty. Get over the idea of "not wearing makeup" because it is simply not true - great-looking skin makes you look even better! And don't worry about those matte, powdery high definition face products anymore since they just won't work for you in this new stage of life.

  1. Utilize makeup brushes

Mature skin is textured with expression lines, tiny eye crinkles and bits of brown. It's all OK! Even celebs have them--what do you think Photoshop is for? Heavy coverage fools no one; in real life it just looks caked and faked. Silky synthetic brushes make makeup look skin-authentic while preventing crevices from settling into deep wrinkles or corners becoming accentuated over time due to heavy makeup application on the face every day.

It's time for your makeup routine! First, paint a thin layer of foundation all over the face. Next, use circular motions to blend outwards from nose-to-mouth creases and nostrils so that you don't have any visible lines or patches on your skin.

Apply a smaller concealer brush with tap-blending movements to the parts of your face that need it most. Use small, circular motions under the eyes and next to any brown spots or broken capillaries.

  1. Blend bright cream blush high on cheekbones

You will never look better than when you have your face flushed and contoured with a rosy glow. It adds life to any dull, flat complexion by bringing color back into the skin. You can choose from shades of pink, rose or red depending on what would best suit your skin tone because they all blend in seamlessly for a natural-looking finish without looking too bold at first glance but fading as you tap-blend it onto the cheekbones and forehead so that it looks like an extension of yourself rather than heavy makeup slapped on top off reality 

No matter how many distractions there are during this time of year, adding some blush is sure to make them fade away until next weekend!

  1. Switch up your lip liner and lipstick

Match the lip liner to your natural lip tone, sketch in the borders but correct a thinning upper-lip line by rounding it. Fill out the entire mouth with lipstick as you would use an eye pencil on one's lids and then fill in with color that is slightly more intense than what is desired for only top lips. Use creamy shades of lipstick instead of gloss or other products which dry up really fast from exposure to air and heat (which can also be bad news if they are too tacky).If you're a nude fan, skip pale shades for ones that match your lip color and liner. Dare to try new-for-you shade such as peachy pink, rose or red to play up whitened teeth and add some life to your dazzling smile!

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