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3 Easy Halloween Looks With Beauty Creations Makeup

According to data gathered by the social media data outlet, Speak RJ, Beauty Creations receives around 3,016 likes per Instagram post. Want to get that much engagement on your Instagram posts? You’ll have to create cosmetics that are visually stunning, cruelty free, and affordable. 

Alright, so that’s not easy. While you work on that, choose an easier goal: give your clients the ability to create a Halloween makeup look worthy of thousands of likes. 

This brand is a best seller on our website. Once we get these units in stock they tend to sell out on the same day. It’s because our clients are able to sell them super quickly to their customers. 

Check out these Halloween looks to see why you need to buy Beauty Creations ASAP

Anyone can copy these Halloween makeup easy looks for likes 

Research indicates that people will spend more money this year on Halloween than years before. That’s why it’s a fantastic time to sell cosmetics that your clients can use for this holiday, and then again in general. 

Fans of this holiday don’t need to go out and buy an expensive costume. As a matter of fact, they shouldn’t. If they need more reasons to buy this brand from you, give them some. 

Raver Girl

Bring the party home with you with this glittery, festive look. The main attraction is the Beauty Creations glitter. All it needs is a little glitter primer to keep every sparkle in place.

Skip this step with a pigmented shadow that is ultra sparkly. We have a few to choose from if they’re not already a part of your inventory below.

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Sexy Leopard Lady 

This eye cat-ching video showcases the best combination of sultry and simple. The cat eye is only second to the highlighter used to complete it. It has that golden undertone, which makes it different from your average “sexy cat” look. 

This costume needs nothing except cosmetics. Pin hair up into triangular buns for purrrfect style. 

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Sugar Skull Goddess 

Here’s a look that this Mexicana-owned brand would be proud of. We carry the exact palette (Splash of Hues) this Youtuber used to create her masterpiece. She uses it on her eyes for some shock value, and then unconventionally as a contour. 

Give a nod to Dia de los Muertos with this palette now! Saturation of these shades is no question. Your clients will be dying for more. 

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You have the facts: Beauty Creations is a brand that provides high quality makeup for a low price. All the products are made without any animal cruelty, but always with their consumers in mind. 

While these looks are for Halloween, it’s easy to see that these products can be used for any event. We try to keep these units in stock because you want them! These products will sell out shortly, so contact us or buy them right now!


Shop all of our Beauty Creations makeup! Happy Halloween!

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