Mixed Makeup Lots consist of an assortment of products from the included manufacturer(s). You pay one price for the entire lot, making it easy to understand your costs. This creates huge value and makes these lots very easy to buy and sell.

4 things you should know before buying your first wholesale mixed makeup lot

That's it! You've found us and you are interested in the wholesale makeup lots that we sell but you still have some doubts, maybe some insecurities because this is your first time buying wholesale… Don't worry, we're here to help!


If you haven't already, take a minute to read our article detailing what a Mixed Makeup Lot is.


Buying wholesale makeup, and specially buying deep discount assorted makeup lots can be a bit intimidating the first time you purchase but this article is here to help give you some clarity.


Some items will have retail stickers on them.First let's cover the topic of how the prices can be as low as they are. We are often asked if the items are original, etc. We exclusively sell original items.


A portion of the items that you will find in our mixed makeup lots are known as "shelf-pulls." These are items that were previously for sale in a major retailer here in the United States that for one of many reasons was removed from sale and then purchased by us. When we receive these items, we put them through an inspection and quality assurance process to discard anything that we deem to be unsellable, however, you should expect to receive a portion of items with some retail stickers from the store they were previously for sale at.

USA Wholesale Shelf pull wholesale makeup lot 

Another portion of the items included in our mixed makeup lots are closeouts direct from the manufacturers. We work directly with many manufacturers to purchase their over-runs and excess inventory which we then include in our mixed lots.


For more info on what to expect when buying liquidation makeup, check this out.


The variety of the mix will change.


Although we have a considerable amount of control when we purchase overstock or excess inventory, that is not the case when you purchase liquidation or shelf-pull products. The large retailers are the ones that determine what items are shelf-pulled and then liquidated and we are simply a player in their game. Because of this, the variety of products included in the makeup lots will change from production to production according to the way that our stock changes when we bring in new inventory.


Don't let this worry you, we still maintain the overall value of the lot.


For example, if we are low on black mascara, we will include a higher quantity of liquid foundation.


Thanks to the years that we've been in business, we understand how the market values products so we will always do our best to keep the value to our clients as high as possible.


If you are a regular mixed makeup lot buyer and have a particular type of product that you do very well with, our suggestion is to purchase your regular mixes but to also buy some quantities of the items you specifically need additional to the mixes. If you do very well with Maybelline Mascaras but typically receive them in the mixes, our suggestion is that you slowly start to purchase additional units of Maybelline mascara with your mixed makeup lot orders.


There will be some items that sell slower than others and others that sell very fast.


In business, this is simply part of the game when dealing with products.


Would an eyeshadow single sell as quickly as a black mascara? Probably not, but this is part of getting started and developing your business that every owner will have to manage. The makeup lots will have great resale value but the way we are able to provide the quality products that we sell is by combining items of different values.


Some items will sell the same day you receive your makeup lot while others may take a bit longer.


Get creative and the items will sell! If you are left with some nail polish, eyeshadow singles, or other generally lower value items, you can mix and match, offer special deals, BOGO's, etc. to help move through these items quickly.




We pride ourselves in having consistent processes for every step.


Every item that makes it into our makeup lots will have gone through our inspection process where we separate items that we consider to be sellable from those that are not, and let me tell you that we discard a considerable amount of product.


The value of the lots will always be maintained even if the variety of products changes.


We take extra steps to ensure the boxes are packaged as safely as possible to reduce the risk of items being damaged in transit.


We are always here to help you. If you have some feedback from your purchase or experience, please do not hesitate to speak with us. The only way our business will grow is through the relationships we establish with our clients. If our clients do not grow, we will not grow.



Happy buying and prosperous sales!

  • The USA-Wholesale.com team

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