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8 Face Makeup Tips for Flawless Skin

1. Hack a smoky eye with a hashtag

If you want to keep your smoky eye intact, don’t forget about the importance of symmetry. To do this simply use a creamy eyeliner and draw an hashtag symbol on both sides for good measure- making sure not only that each one is perfectly aligned but also preventing yourself from going too wild with those risky lines!

2. Applying foundation before concealer

Applying your foundation before concealer can help you get a smoother, more even complexion. You'll use less product since it helps minimize any redness or discoloration from previous acne breakouts as well! The easiest way to level up makeup routine is by applying first layer of make-up on face - this will give base for rest other products so zits aren't accentuated while still giving spot treatment where needed without having excess unused items left over at end.

3. Don't sleep on blush

Blush is a great way to give your look fresh, natural color. The right flush can make all the difference between looking polished and unfinished with makeup—it adds depth while adding lightness at once! For best results try going for something soft rather than bright pink or coral tones that will show up better on lighter complexions

One method many people use when applying blush themselves involves using either cream/ powder blends together just beneath their cheekbones before blending outward towards temples.

4. Use a spoon as a mascara shield

When applying your make up in the morning, there's nothing more frustrating than realizing that even after careful application of eye shadow and mascara you'll end up with smudges by lunchtime. To solve this problem all you need is a spoon! Hold it so its bottom rests against one side of eyelid while using another hand to apply products as usual on other side or over top - then simply let go once finished sweeping wand across tips before lifting handle away again at final moment.

5. Conceal under your eyes with a triangle shape

When you want to make your under-eye area look brighter, stop dotting on concealer and apply it in a triangular shape. Draw the base of this triangle directly under your lash line then extend one end up toward Apple cheek level (pointing away). This helps cover any redness or shadows for an illusion that's more than just skin deep!

6. Use the handle of your brush and it doubles as a contour guide

To give your face the perfect contour, first dust some bronzer below where you would say is located on either side of an inch or so from temple towards jawline. Next use a brush to blend out colors until they are barely visible in order for it not be too dramatic but still enhance features such as hollows under eyes by using this technique quickly enough before moving onto another section at least several feet away if possible!

7. Plan your contours with a brow pencil

Creating a natural looking contour is easy with cream foundation and brow gel pencils. After you’ve applied your favorite moisturizer, mark the areas that need extra touching up-the hollows under cheek bones or temples as well Jawline along hairline edge of nose bulbous tip between lips crease eyes -allowing for precision application of powder products later on in orderCreate depth by drawing darker lines closer towards face depending what look desired.

8. Blot your face oil with a clean toilet seat cover

When you’re feeling greasy and need a quick fix, grab one of these blotting papers or toilet seat covers. They are made out of similar materials which will help soak up the excess oil on your skin! So if it's just for 10 minutes before heading off into town then use this product-pat both sides over T zone area (or any other areas) where makeup may have worn thin during day.

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