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How to achieve perfect eyebrows (simple tips)

How to achieve perfect eyebrows (simple tips)

How to achieve perfect eyebrows (simple tips)

The goal of a beautiful brow is to create an attractive and deep look. Plucking the eyebrows can be done as well, but eyebrow makeup should also be applied in strategic areas for incredible effects that are perfect on anyone!
A great way to give yourself lovely looking eyebrows or better defined eyes would be by adding some dark liner at points around your eye area so they stand out more easily against their surroundings regardless of where you are.

image of examples of perfect eyebrows

The Anatomy of your Eyebrow

Although the eyebrow seems to be a simple part of the face, it actually has six different areas that are important to know to achieve the perfect eyebrow. 
  • The Inner Corner
  • Arch Height
  • Thickness
  • Peak
  • Tail
  • Length

Playing with these different aspects will completely change your look. The way you makeup your eyebrows can shape, fill and even change the perceived size of your eyes. Although everyone has unique eyebrows (that we should be proud of regardless of what they look like!), we can all use this information to find the perfect makeup look.

the anatomy of the perfect eyebrow

Patchy or thin eyebrows

You can use an eyebrow pencil or liner with light pressure to fill in your eyebrows. Instead of filling everything up at once and making an unnatural-looking line across the top or bottom part (the arch), just lightly draw two lines that are close together but not connected; this will help create depth for those who have sparsely populated brows as well smooth out any gaps between them!

example of patchy or thin eyebrows

Uneven colored eyebrows

For eyebrows with uneven color, use the appropriate shade that matches your natural brow shade to create a consistent and even color across your entire brow. This will enhance the look of your eyes instantly.

example of filled in perfect eyebrow

Intensifies or softens the curve of the eyebrow

Whether you have flat brows, round brows, curved brows, angled brows or even soft angled brows you can focus on the different areas that we just covered. For example, if you have flat brows and want to add more of a curve, focus on increasing your arch height and peak, this will create softness in the face and helps minimize sharp features. On the contrary, if you have round brows and would like more of a flat brow look, you can bring the arch height down by filling in the lower part of your brow to produce a flat brow look.

diagram of different shapes of perfect eyebrows

Lengthen or thicken the eyebrow

A simple trick for lengthening or thickening your eyebrows is to apply a little color on the natural line (arch) of your eyebrows. You can also lengthen your brows by focusing on the tail and the inner corner.

lengthen and thicken eyebrows

Making your eyebrows last all day

To avoid the appearance of bushy brows and unruly hairs, brush with a comb that's specially-made for this purpose. A little secret - apply some clear mascara when you are done to make sure they stay in place all day.

THE perfect eyebrow in one image