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How to Use Holiday Sales to Hit Your Goals [Veteran's Day Promotion]

So you have an inventory to make any makeup artist jealous. Now what? The answer: marketing! 

Research by the Content Marketing Institute found that 53% of organizations with a planned marketing strategy were more effective than others. Use holiday sales to plan out a killer plan to reach your goals.

Our company plans extensively around the holiday season to make sure we complete what we set out to do. We want to share some marketing secrets with you, so you can sell more products than you ever have before! 

Read on and take advantage of free shipping with our Veteran's Day promotion to have multiple reasons to celebrate. 

Plan out a content calendar

If you haven't already, create a content calendar. Doing it across your marketing team is essential to holiday success.

Planning ahead leaves ample time to get marketing material done and tweak it if there are any issues. Since the holiday season is so crazy in itself, it makes sense to be totally prepared when it comes around.

Create a promotion that aligns with your company goals as a business owner

Promotions are a fantastic way to snag new customers. Nothing helps with brand outreach like a holiday-themed promo. While our company uses efforts like these to increase our leads, we do it with goals in mind.

We want to offer our customers the best deal out there and raise brand awareness in the process. That's why you should check out our Veteran's Day sale!

In honor of Veteran's Day, USA Wholesale offers free shipping sitewide.

Figure out your goals before a holiday campaign and stick with it.

Take note of how you did last year around the same time to create realistic goals

What numbers can you pull from the previous holiday season? Your goal as a business owner should be to improve upon last holiday season's statistics.

While increasing your revenue should be on there, maybe choose to boost your social media following or search traffic. Be realistic about goal setting by using prior data.

Have fun with it

There is no better time to get creative and have fun with your site than holiday season. Roll out the spooky graphics for Halloween. Bring out the Christmas color theme to your emails in December.

Interesting content keeps leads on your page and enjoy engaging with your brand overall. Stay on brand, but the holiday season should be fun for everyone.

Our promotion is for us and for you 

Holiday sales are awesome because they provide value to both customers and distributors. It's a chance for clients to get the items on their wish list at lower prices than usual. On the flip side, companies like us get to get closer to our business goals. 

We don't do this often, but we don't get to celebrate our soldiers as much as we would like to. Here's a Veteran's Day promotion you can't (and shouldn't) pass up! Free shipping is available for every single product on our site, but only for today. 

Happy Veteran's Day! We celebrate our soldiers with free shipping on mixed makeup lots.

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