Mixed Makeup Lots consist of an assortment of products from the included manufacturer(s). You pay one price for the entire lot, making it easy to understand your costs. This creates huge value and makes these lots very easy to buy and sell.

What is a Mixed Makeup Lot?

A wholesale mixed makeup lot consists of an assortment of products from one or more brands that are combined into a single package and sold as a single lot. For example:

Our Maybelline Mixed Makeup Lots consist of a variety of Maybelline products that add up to 100 total items. This lot of 100 items is typically sold for $150.00 or $1.50 per unit with discounts available for larger quantities. 

Wholesale Makeup Lots contain a variety of products that we have in stock and can include but are not limited to eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow makeup, face makeup such as foundation, face powder, concealer, highlight & contour, lipstick, lipgloss, nail polish and more. Due to fluctuations in the Liquidation industry, the products included in our our makeup lots will vary from production to production as our inventory changes, however, we work very hard to maintain the overall value of the mixes regardless of these minor changes.

When purchasing wholesale makeup lots there are a few things you should be aware of before making your first purchase.

The first question you should ask yourself is, what is the condition of these products? Did the company you are buying from inspect or do any type of quality control before selling you the bulk makeup lot?

At USA-Wholesale.com we take pride in our makeup lots because of the procedures that we have developed in our years of business which reduce the possibility of our clients receiving unsellable items. Prior to producing a makeup lot, we inspect the items that come from liquidation and dispose of anything and everything that we consider to be unsellable. You should expect to receive some items with retail stickers as well as some items with minor details, however, these items meet or exceed the quality expectations for a product from liquidation.

Our ability to source great products at unbelievable prices combined with our ongoing inventory management permits us to consistently provide our clientele with the best quality original name brand makeup lots in the market.

With so many brands and our dedication to our clients' satisfaction, what are you waiting for?

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