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Why Diversity Must Be Your Priority as a Business Owner

Diversity is a core value at USA Wholesale. Without it, we would not be able to be the well-rounded, wholesale cosmetics company which we are today. 

To us, diversity is a celebration of every culture and circumstance that makes an individual special. Every company should strive to hear every voice from their employees, not just a few. Your customers are diverse, so why shouldn’t your employees be? 

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Why is it important to value diversity as an international wholesale distributor?

A deeper understanding of what makes your employees different helps your company understand that on a deeper level. 

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It’s essential for all employees to feel comfortable at their workplace, especially since they spend a large portion of their time at their place of work.

We always encourage employees to speak freely, as we want our office to be a safe place. And your employees will certainly notice this if you are committed. Ask for their opinion! Their point-of-view is integral to your business.

When employees feel comfortable in their place of work it makes them feel appreciated. Appreciated employees will stay with a company. As equal opportunity employers we are committed to accommodate minorities, whether that be in the form of gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation. 

According to the leading job search engine, Zip Recruiter, one of the top reasons for employee turnover is feeling a disconnect with management. Understanding your employees’ cultures and point-of-views will create a long lasting work family. 

We have been extremely lucky with our team. We've found success in establishing and maintaining diversity by interviewing the largest group of candidates and, of course, hiring based on merit. Limiting the job application pool is a sure way to limit success as a company. 

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