Mixed Makeup Lots consist of an assortment of products from the included manufacturer(s). You pay one price for the entire lot, making it easy to understand your costs. This creates huge value and makes these lots very easy to buy and sell.

Hair Color Wholesale

Wholesale Hair Color

Hair color is one of the most used products worldwide. can supply several of the top lines such as L'Oreal Excellence Creme and more, although we may not stock it at all times. If you are interested in original wholesale hair color and this category is without stock or you do not see the line you are looking for, please send us an email with as much detail as possible.

Evo mane attention protein treatment, best for brittle chemically treated hair - Case of 3 bottles 150ml / 5.1fl.oz (New)
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Color Wellness Shampoo, Maintains & extends the life & vibrancy of color treated hair - (33.8oz) (12/cs)
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Color Prepare, Helps prevent brassiness or discoloration - 0.17oz (12 Single Packets) (12/cs)
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Evo mane tamer smoothing conditioner without sulfates, for color treated or frizzy hair - Case of 3 bottles 300ml/10.1fl.oz (New)
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Oribe Moisturizing Conditioner 200ml (12/cs)
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