Lotes de maquillaje mixtos consisten en un surtido de productos del fabricante o fabricantes incluidos. Usted paga un solo precio por todo el lote, lo que facilita la comprensión de sus costes. Esto crea un gran valor y hace que estos lotes sean muy fáciles de comprar y vender.



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Product Features

Brand Beauty Creations
UPC: DC117
Weight 128
Special Features Lights, camera, and action! This Beauty Creations Vanity Mirror provides the perfect amount of light to get a makeup look just right. Either color of this mirror will make a great addition to any person's decor. •Dimensions: 40 x 51cm •Comes in Rose Gold or White •Mirror is attached to a sturdy stand, so no need for any complicated setup •Change the color temperature of the bulbs with the push of a button to: cool, warm, and neutral lighting •It rotates 360 degrees to get the angle just right •Choose a cruelty free, Latina brand like Beauty Creations now
Ingredients N/A

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