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Beauty Creations ROYAL ROSE 12 PIECE BRUSH SET W/BAG- 10BSR3 (6/cs)

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Product Features

Brand Beauty Creations
Type Makeup Brush
Color name Royal Rose
Color Code Royal Rose
Weight 64.2
Special Features Domestic and international wholesale customers alike understand the importance of purchasing items that will sell without a hitch. Beauty Creations Royal Rose 12 Piece Brush Set (with bag) fits this criteria and then some. Name a better duo than the soft makeup brush bristles and the plush, baby pink carrying case. We'll wait! Consumers might be inclined to use the bag as a clutch (it's that cute). Individuals that are new to the cosmetic world appreciate the variety of brushes that come with every unit. Cosmetic gurus are smitten that contestably the best drugstore makeup brushes come with a case. Both love that it's cruelty free. Check out this popular Beauty Creations item to instantly profit.
Ingredients N/A

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