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KLEANCOLOR PRO Sealer Makeup Setting Spray (12/cs)

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Product Features

Color & UPC: Dewy Finish (MSS2264) : 84126510264712
Luminous Finish (MSS2260) : 83655800270412
Matte Finish (MSS2261) : 84126510261612
Type Setting Spray
Weight 19.29
Height 4 in.
Width 7 in.
Lentgh 5 in.
Special Features

A large amount of cosmetics dry out skin. Kleancolor Pro Sealer Makeup Setting Spray steps up and delivers a dewy finish without irritating. Although it can be used on all complexions, it is known to work especially well with sensitive and dry types. Lock in a long lasting look with this setting spray.

  • Mist a few spritzes of this product across the face for long lasting makeup.
  • Cosmetics will not melt or fade with its use.
  • KleanColor is special because it is cruelty free, but non-irritating.
  • Each bottle has a leaf-proof seal and is 30 ml/1.01 fl oz.
  • 12 compact sprays come inside every resale ready display.
Ingredients N/A