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Revlon | Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup (24/cs)

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Product Features

Brand Revlon
Color & UPC Vanilla : 30997691802024
Shell : 30997691803724
Nude : 30997691804424
Natural Beige : 30997691805124
Medium Beige : 30997691806824
Ivory : 30997691801324
Caramel : 30997539710924
Golden Beige : 30997539708624
Best Use Foundation
Weight 88.8
Special Features Soft-focus pigments with light reflectors create a poreless, luminous look You get medium-to-full creamy coverage Plus: radiant, high-resolution color We also included SPF 20 because we know you care about your skin Available in 6 shades Apply with our Foundation Brush, starting at the middle of your face and blending toward the edges Layer on more for fuller coverage
Ingredients Read manufacturer's package label for ingredients and components reference

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