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Beauty Creations 24 piece Brush Set (3/cs)

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Product Features

Brand Beauty Creations
Color & UPC: Marshmallow: B24PP MAR03
Lime Party : B24PG03
Cotton Candy : B24PLP03
Bubble Gum : B24PB03
Weight 50.49
Special Features Say goodbye to your stiff, lumpy makeup jobs. The Beauty Creations 24 piece brush set will give you endless tools for the perfect look. There are enough brushes in this set that no matter what makeup style or application technique you use, they have a brush just for it! Finely crafted with ergonomic handles and made from quality materials, their brushes will be as gentle on your face as they are effective at making breakthroughs with color giving off effortless contours and can be used by pros or first-time buyers alike. Start seeing more results today - order now!
Ingredients N/A