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Beauty Creations BIG BAG TENDER LOVE 12 PIECE BRUSH SET- 10BSR2 (6/cs)

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Product Features

Brand Beauty Creations
UPC: 603149300729
Type Brush
Weight 51.24
Special Features

The Beauty Creations Tender Love 12 Piece Brush Set (with bag) gives customers an item to crush on. Each unit comes with super soft brushes that are essential to every kit. They hold product free of fall out, which also goes for the individual bristles. Nobody likes a brush that sheds. Check out this item quick before we run out of inventory!

  • 12, full-sized bushes come in each kit.
  • Comes with a dark brown, pleather bag with a small pocket inside.
  • Beauty Creations never tests on animals nor uses their products.
Ingredients N/A
 Beauty Creations, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Wholesale Makeup and Cosmetics

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