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Beauty Creations BRUSH SET 24PCS (Case of 3)

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Product Features

Brand Beauty Creations
Color & UPC: B24PP PRETTY BLUSH : 68360985143501
BREEZE TEAL B24TB : 68360985138101
BLOSSOM ROSE B24LP : 68360985142801
HEAVENLY-WHITE B24W : 68360985139801
LUXE CORAL B24RP : 68360985140401
URSULA PURPLE B24P : 68360985141101
NIGHT RG B24B : 68360985137401
Type Brush Set
Weight 18.13
Special Features When you're looking for the perfect party makeup look or just want to amp up your professional job interview outfit, it all starts with how well you master those 24 brushes. The Beauty Creations Brush Set has a wide variety of different brush heads for anything from blending and mixing your base makeup color to highlighting cheekbones and eyelids
Ingredients N/A