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KLEANCOLOR Angelic Wink Eyelash Adhesive Clear 7g (EA7C) (24/cs)

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Product Features

Type Eyelash Adhesive
Weight 17.39
Height 5 in.
Width 7 in.
Lentgh åÊ 7 in.
Special Features

False lashes alone can not add anything to a makeup look. The real show stealer is the eyelash glue. KleanColor Angelic Wink Eyelash Adhesive is the hero of cosmetics. It holds strip lashes on eyes for a reported amount of 25 hours (according to a customer's review). Your clients can use their favorite falsies with their new, cherished adhesive if you purchase a box quickly.

  • A tube has 0.25oz in terms of net weight.
  • It dries clear to prevent eye looks from being ruined at the end.
  • Gets tacky quickly for it to be applied within a mere 30 seconds.
Ingredients N/A