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KLEANCOLOR Browmates Powder and Gel Kit, 3 color (EBK219) - Display of 12 units

Product Features

Units per Display|Case 12 Units Per Case
Price per Unit 2.3
Category Eyebrow Makeup
UPC 836558005156
Weight (pounds) 1.85875
Special Features  KLEANCOLOR Browmates Powder and Gel Kit is the perfect way to master your brows. The kit comes with three powders in natural, medium, and dark brown tones – all you need to create a soft or dramatic look. The powder is easy to apply as an eyebrow filler for a natural finish, while the gel sets it firmly into place for more defined results. It's time to say goodbye to messy powders that make your hair stand on end! KLEANCOLOR Browmates fills in gaps and defines sparse areas for a flawless arch that suits every shape of face.