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KLEANCOLOR Madly Matte Lipstick Color Rich Matte-6 color assorted (36/cs)

Color: LS1882

Product Features

UPC: LS1882 : 81023600882036
LS1884 : 81023600884436
Type Lipstick
Weight 23.67
Height 3 in.
Width 7 in.
Lentgh 7 in.
Special Features

KleanColor Madly Matte Lipstick (Rich Matte 6 Color Assorted) ushers in a new wave of highly pigmented cosmetics. While it has a non-glossy finish, it rejects the idea that this means it dries out your lips or is super smudgy. Other lipsticks offer a velvety finish, but at the expense of moisture. Not this one.

  • Buy now to have a resale ready display makes it easy to curate a professional set up quickly.
  • 6 pink-toned shades that range from muted apricot to vibrant, bright pink.
  • 36 units are included in each display.
  • KleanColor is light on the wallet, but heavy on great values. All its products are cruelty free.
Ingredients N/A