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KLEANCOLOR PIGMENT BOSS Drop Foundation-6 Light-Medium Color Assorted (LF411) (36/cs)

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Product Features

UPC: LF411
Type Foundation
Weight 41.59
Height 4 in.
Width 8 in.
Lentgh 8 in.
Special Features

Issue number one when finding a foundation is that it does not match skin tone. Swatch test after swatch test and still no match. KleanColor Pigment Boss Drop Foundation has an insane amount of variety (even for pale and dark customers). Drop pigment right into current skin products to adjust the color to a tan. Combine this product with creams and serums for extra benefits.

  • Dries matte if worn alone.
  • Goes on lightweight, but offers heavy coverage.
  • KleanColor never tests on animals.
  • 36 units come in light to medium shades in a resale ready case.
Ingredients N/A