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Product Features

Brand Maybelline
UPC: 041554339970
Type Lipstick
Weight 24
Special Features A little shimmer never hurt no one. But dry lips can hurt a lot. Ladies universally fear having a crusty mouth. Many experience it since some cosmetics can cause severe dryness. The limited edition Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational Lip Color in Sienna Sands finally offers subtle saturation along with a dewy texture. Buy wholesale makeup from this brand when you want to take the guesswork out of which beauty product will sell quickly. Sienna Sands flatters everybody with its natural brown hue and pinkish undertone. Girls might choose this over their best lipstick since it is super lightweight and provides a natural look. Purchase makeup wholesale so you will not run out of the cosmetics your customers crave.
Ingredients N/A