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Product Features

Brand Maybelline
UPC: 041554496239
Type Brush
Weight 24
Special Features In the not-so-distant past, women walked around unaware of the magic that is contouring their face. Currently, plenty of the best drugstore makeup brushes are sold for just that! The Maybelline FaceStudio Contour Brush lets consumers add definition to their visage like never before. Its unique brush shape instills that it is one of the finest wholesale makeup brushes to get. This contours to cheekbones like no other. Features include a downy bristle and a solid grip, making it possible to pinpoint every angle. Unconventionally, it can be swiped along the chest to add extra cleavage or slightly under lips to make them appear larger. We provide both national and international wholesale services, which means put your order in wherever you are.
Ingredients N/A