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Product Features

Brand NYX
Color & UPC: Snarky : 800897110710
Serpent : 80089711069724
On The DL : 80089711065924
Oh So Pretty : 80089711066624
In The Red : 80089711072724
Dangerous : 800897110765
Risk Taker : 800897110734
Type Lipstick
Weight 12.72
Special Features You will want this cosmetic to be a part of your clique. The NYX Professional Makeup Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick lines and leaves lips luscious. Each lippie is made with cutting-edge technology for extra control and precision. The teardrop shape makes it super easy to line lips and deposit color. We offer a rainbow of hues to fit every customer's mood. •24 per case •On The DL - A silky nude with yellow undertones •Snarky - A bold, warm red •Serpent - A reddish purple almost on the verge of pink •Oh So Pretty - A dainty, medium pink •In The Red - An ultra-soft cool red color •Each shade is matte •Push the bottom of this lipstick to reveal more product
Ingredients N/A