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Orly French Manicure Collection .6 oz / 18ml (3/cs)

Product Features

Brand Orly
zcolor & UPC: Bare Rose : 096200220058
Beverly Hills Plum : 09620022105503
Des Fleurs : 09620022502203
Pink Nude : 09620022009603
Pointe Blanche : 09620022503903
Rose-Colored Glasses : 09620022474203
Sheer Nude : 09620022479703
White Tips : 09620022001003
Type Nail Polish
Weight 30
Special Features

France is known as the style icon of the world. Simple, fashionable, and chic, the ORLY French Manicure Nail Polish, Bare Rose, 0.6oz adds a subtle red tint. While it is on the translucent side of most of the wholesale cosmetics we sell, it is among the strongest! A lacquer finish ensures that it won't chip and dries quicker than regular varnish.

  • Imagine a rose's classic hue diluted. The result would be this unit's pink-red color.
  • Save the bunnies with a case of the best drugstore nail polish. It is cruelty-free, 12-free, and even vegan.
  • ORLY is made in the USA, but we never shy away from international wholesale orders. Waste no time and reach out to us quickly.
Ingredients N/A