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Orly French Manicure Collection .6 oz / 18ml (Case of 3)

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Product Features

Brand Orly
zcolor & UPC: Bare Rose : 096200220058
Beverly Hills Plum : 09620022105503
Des Fleurs : 09620022502203
Pink Nude : 09620022009603
Pointe Blanche : 09620022503903
Rose-Colored Glasses : 09620022474203
Sheer Nude : 09620022479703
White Tips : 09620022001003
Type Nail Polish
Weight 30
Special Features

Not all women are as confident in their hands, as they should be. Does it make them feel awkward or nervous to have nail polish in the way? These feelings can be expunged by a new French manicure set from Orly that will not only adorn your nails with beautiful colors and designs, but also take care of the quality of your fingernails themselves. This has never been an easy feat for woman to achieve through just one product before. So why would you hesitate now when this is the perfect idea for any woman wanting fresh paint on her fingers while simultaneously taking great care of them? The possibilities are endless!

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