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Orly French Manicure Collection Pink Nude .6 oz / 18ml (6/cs)

Product Features

Brand Orly
UPC: 096200220096
Type Nail Polish
Color name Pink Nude
Weight 30
Special Features

Domestic and international wholesale buyers worldwide adore ORLY French Manicure Nail Polish, Pink Nude, 0.6oz. It is universally flattering, is low cost, and always manages to sell out fast. You'll barely be able to manage how many customers will beg for what could be considered the best drugstore nail polish. Snag a case quick!

  • Picture the color of a cloud just as the sun is setting. That is an accurate color description of this sheer lacquer.
  • All ORLY products are made in Los Angeles, California.
  • We have a soft spot for wholesale cosmetics that care. This brand upholds the leaping rabbit gold standard, is vegan, and stays away from toxic components (12-free).
Ingredients N/A