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Orly liquid hand sanitizer spray 2oz (12/cs)

Product Features

Brand Orly
UPC: 096200015272
Type Hand sanitizer
Weight 30
Special Features

Can 2020 give us something good? Thank you universe, for the advent of the ORLY Liquid Hand Sanitizer Spray, 2oz. Now more than ever, it is important to have clean hands. Each wholesale cosmetics unit from this box is tough on bacteria, but gentle on skin.

  • This item is bound to be a best seller for both international wholesale buyers as well as domestic ones. Every person needs one to stay healthy.
  • Super portable and compact, the spray bottle is great for on the go. Store it in a desk at work or even in a pocket.
  • It supersedes regular sanitizer since it exceeds the CDC recommendations for how much antiseptic is necessary inside.
Ingredients N/A