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Orly Nail Lacquer .6 oz / 18ml (Case of 3)

Color: Power Pastel
You're Blushing
Power Pastel
Plum Noir
Ma Cherie
Jealous Much?
Penny Leather
Haute Red
Velvet Kaleidoscope
Glow Baby
Rose All Day
Euphoria On Your Wavelength
Into The Deep
Snow Worries
Cold Shoulder

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Product Features

Brand Orly
Color & UPC: You're Blushing : 096200207578
Power Pastel : 09620020971803
Noir : 09620020651903
Ma Cherie : 09620020025803
Jealous, Much? : 09620020756103
Ingenue : 09620020046303
Penny Leather : 09620020944203
Haute Red : 09620020001203
Velvet Kaleidoscope : 09620020937403
Clear : 09620020039503
Glow Baby : 09620001199103
Rose All Day : 09620001080203
Euphoria On Your Wavelength :09620001078903
Into The Deep : 09620001093203
Snow Worries : 09620001148903
Cold Shoulder : 09620001151903
Weight 30
Special Features

Orly Nail Lacquer: Every woman knows the benefits of having her nails polished too perfection. Utilizing a powerful nail polish not only provides you with both beauty and confidence, but also make sure that your authentic outer personality is on display for all who see it. Say goodbye to those days when people were embarrassed about how their nails look—because now your shame can be worn proudly knowing that behind every smudge or scratch is an authentic story. With Orly nail lacquer no detail will ever go unnoticed and allowing you to show off who you really are has never been easier before.

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