Mixed Makeup Lots consist of an assortment of products from the included manufacturer(s). You pay one price for the entire lot, making it easy to understand your costs. This creates huge value and makes these lots very easy to buy and sell.


Orly Nail Lacquer Jealous, Much? .6 oz / 18ml (6/cs)

Product Features

Brand Orly
UPC: 096200207561
Type Nail Polish
Color name Jealous, Much?
Weight 30
Special Features

Wholesale makeup suppliers always have ORLY on their radar. Reason being is it lasts longer than regular nail polish while being great for nails and the environment. We almost ran out of breath saying that. With benefits that leave customers breathless, it is only logical to buy a whole case quickly.

  • The ORLY Nail Polish, Jealous Much?, 0.6oz comes in a mint hue that will have onlookers green with envy.
  • All the ingredients are cruelty free and never made out of animal-derived components.
  • It's all 12-free. That means it does not contain the 12 products used in many cosmetics that could be considered bad for health over time.
Ingredients N/A