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Trend Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, Burst of Color (6/display), TBE15-E (6/cs)

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Product Features

Brand Trend Beauty
UPC: 603149299757
Type Eyeshadow
Weight 45.47
Height 5 in.
Width 6 in.
Lentgh 9 in.
Special Features

Somewhere over the rainbow, that's where you'll find Trend Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, Burst of Color Display. Your favorite color is bound to be among this unit and in a stunning, highly pigmented shade.

  • There are 18 eyeshadow pigments for every hue of the rainbow and then some.
  • It's made up of mostly mattes, but 3 inside are shimmery.
  • LA creators have a unique process of curating each palette in accordance to the style of the hottest influencers and destination getaways.
  • The display case is unimaginably simple to set up and happens to be almost as pretty as the product.
  • Trend Beauty products adhere to the leaping bunny gold standard.
Ingredients N/A

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