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Trend Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, Colorful (6/display), TBE28-A (6/cs)

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Product Features

Brand Trend Beauty
UPC: 603149305656
Weight 50.86
Height 5 in.
Width 7 in.
Lentgh 10 in.
Special Features
Trend Beauty offers a collection of beautiful, natural, high-quality makeup that is both affordable and effective. They offer an array of products for different needs, so if you are looking for something to enhance your eyeshadow or perfect your lashes with mascara, they have what you need. With their vast selection, there is something perfect for every woman’s individual style. Trend Beauty’s colors can be applied subtly or boldly depending on the desired effect. They also pride themselves on using only cruelty free ingredients in their products! 
Ingredients N/A